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Who We Are

The Creation Science Fellowship, Inc. (CSF) of Pittsburgh is a non-profit organization engaged in the scientific and religious aspects of the creation/evolution controversy. CSF members come from all all walks of life: scientists, educators, clergy, and others interested in studying this issue and in educating the general public.

The CSF sponsors a series of events each year in which we bring speakers to the Pittsburgh area to inform and educate the community in the Biblical model of creation. Many of these speakers are published authors and are actively engaged in current creation science research.

A major activity of CSF is to sponsor and organize the International Conference on Creationism. This conference is typically held every four years and attracts over 300 participants. The ICC is a forum where researchers come together to present and discuss their latest research and where the public can listen and interact with the researchers.

CSF, Inc. is managed by an elected seven member board of directors all of whom serve as volunteers.

Organization Activities

Over the years the CSF has originated or participated in many important activities. Such as:

  • Providing creation/evolution books to the public through CSF Books.
  • Organizing the International Conferences on Creationism in 1986 and 1990, 1994, 1998, 2003 and 2008.
  • Providing creation science hosts and guests on local television and radio talk shows.
  • Working with a local television station in its production of a nationally syndicated weekly half-hour show on creation science.
  • Organizing and presenting a One Year and Two Year Program in basic creation science designed to teach the fundamentals and evidences supporting the creation model of origins and the reliability of the Scriptures.
  • Sponsoring Technical Talks that bring together people interested in the technical aspects of creation/evolution with creation scientists who address these complexities.
  • Providing numerous lectures and presentations to church, lay, and university groups through our speakers' bureau.
  • Sponsoring speakers from outside the Pittsburgh area to make presentations to church and university groups and to the CSF's own monthly meetings.
  • Contributing creation science books to local libraries and churches.
  • Cultivating new ideas for expanding the creation science perspective on origins.
  • Publishing the Proceedings of the International Conference on Creationism.
  • Conducting tours of the Carnegie Museum showing the creation science perspective.

CSF History

In 1980 a small group of creationists from the Pittsburgh area began meeting informally to discuss the latest topics in creation science. The group was multi-disciplined and energetic. Within a year the group grew to over 50 individuals, including 15 with Ph.D. degrees and at least 20 others with M.S., B.S., and B.A. degrees. In 1986, CSF was incorporated as a non-profit educational corporation in Pennsylvania with a 5 member board of Directors. It was later granted federal 501.C.3 tax exempt status. In the beginning the fellowship met monthly in a member's home. The group quickly outgrew that space and spent the next two years gathering at meeting rooms in area hotels. In 1983, the group found a home at the Northland Public Library in McCandless Township. In 1990 CSF began to meet at the Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) Church at Allegheny Center and then in 1998 to the Mars Alliance Church.

Today, CSF has left its monthly meeting format and is now focused on sponsoring quarterly events at various locations around Pittsburgh featuring well known creation science speakers. Recent speakers include Terry Mortenson (PhD Historical Geology), Jerry Bergman (PhD Micro Biology), Larry Vardiman (PhD Atmospheric Science), David Menton (PhD Cell Biology) and Danny Faulkner (PhD Astronomy).

CSF has the distinct privilege of sponsoring the premier young-earth creation science conference known as the International Conference on Creationism (ICC). This unique conference features a rigorous peer-review process for papers which help to build a systematic creation model of origins. The very successful First ICC was held at Duquesne University in 1986. The Second ICC (1990) and the Third ICC (1994) were also held at Duquesne. The Forth (1998) and Fifth (2003) ICC were held at Geneva College in Beaver Falls and the Sixth (2008) was held at the Radisson Green Tree in Pittsburgh, PA. The Sixth ICC was unique in that it was cosponsored by CSF and the Institute for Creation Research in Dallas, TX. The official ICC web site is www.CreationICC.org.

Sponsorship of ICC has increased the stature of CSF in the creation science community and is the forum of choice for researchers to present their technical papers. It is often called upon by the local press, media, churches, and other groups as a spokesman for and a resource on creation science because of the strict scientific discipline adhered to in the technical papers.

Creation Science Fellowship Principles:

  1. We believe the Bible to be a divinely inspired, historically accurate book.
  2. Nature reveals the handiwork of God. The study of natural phenomena using scientific methods, will help us to understand God's created order.
  3. The basic forms of life, including man, were created, not evolved, by God as independent functional entities, and subsequent variations of these original forms have been bounded.
  4. The Genesis flood was a historical, global event.
  5. As Christians we believe that salvation, made necessary by the fall of Adam and Eve, comes only through the redemptive work of Christ.