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Enjoy our archive collection of almost 20 Creation Science audio presentations given by some of the top creation science researchers. All audio files are in downloadable MP3 format.

Check out our archive of newsletters. Each newsletter contains a feature article on some topic of Creation Science and all are available in PDF format.

The purpose of this series is to present the currently understood Creation Model of Origins (CMO) to the “intelligent man/women in the streets.” This series comprises 14 modules devoted to introducing the audience to various parts of the CMO in a systematic manner, providing sufficient detail for further study on the part of the individual. 13 of these modules were recorded and have been published as YouTube videos. The topic of origins is crucial for the Christian Worldview and in so many circles the “normative” reading of the inspired text has been given up for an evolutionary one. This has had a disastrous impact on Christendom not only in establishing a proper “theology”, but in establishing a proper “science” and “approach to science”.

This series, recently completed in March 2015 and expertly presented by Bob Walsh and Dennis Wert, represents an extraordinary body of work and has left a legacy of the 13 YouTube videos available below. This is perhaps the only collection of material available in one place that explains, describes and provides evidence in the current thinking regarding the Creation Model of Origins; a model developed by numerous scientists whose peer-reviewed papers have been presented at seven ICCs beginning in 1986.

Genesis Seminar Session Audio

The following 9 audio files were recorded at the Genesis Seminar held on June 13 - 15, 2014.

All files are in the MP3 format. Left-clicking on the link will play the audio using whatever application is associated with the MP3 file format on your computer.

To download the file right-click on the link and select “Save As,” “Save Link,” “Save Target,” or “Download Link As” to begin downloading a lecture to your computer.

CSF Is Now On YouTube

The first of what the CSF Board expects to be many videos is now available on YouTube. CSF hopes to broaden our mission of Creation Science education by continuing to add many of our lecture presentations to this collection of videos.

Contact Us and let us know how you like this video. We look forward to hearing from you.